Relevance Theory and the Bible - a Few Resources

Biblical Greek morphology and syntax, aspect, linguistics, discourse analysis, and related topics
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Matthew Longhorn
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Relevance Theory and the Bible - a Few Resources

Post by Matthew Longhorn » June 24th, 2019, 3:39 pm

I have posted a few links recently to articles applying relevance theory to the Bible. Rather than spam the board, I figured I would gather together the ones I know of into one post. I am sure that there are others out there, and I am sure that there are many more that are critical of it than I have here. Hopefully my obsessive searching proves helpful for someone

Cognitive Pragmatics and Multi-layered Communication: Allegory in Christian Religious Discourse

Bible Translation
Dooley, R
Relevance Theory and Discourse Analysis: Complementary Approaches for Translator Training
Floor, S
Four Bible Translation Types and Some Criteria to Distinguish Them
Goodwin, P
Translating the English Bible: From Relevance to Deconstruction
Gutt, E
Aspects of “Cultural Literacy” Relevant to Bible Translation
Relevance Theory: A Guide to Successful Bible Translation
Translation and Relevance (1989 phd thesis)
Hamerlink, B
Lexical Pragmatics and Hermeneutical Issues in the Translation of Key Terms
Hill, H
The Bible at Cultural Crossroads: From Translation to Communication
Bible Translation Basics: Communicating Scripture in a Relevant Way
Jobes, K.
Relevance Theory and the Translation of Scripture
Kerr, G
Dynamic Equivalence and Its Daughters: Placing Bible Translation Theories in Their Historical Context
King, P
Translating “Messiah,” “Christ,” and “Lamb of God”
McElhanon, K
From Word to Scenario: The Influence of Linguistic Theories Upon Models of Translation
Smith, K.
Bible Translation and Relevance Theory – The Translation of Titus (phd thesis)
The Emergence of Relevance Theory as a Theoretical Framework for Bible Translation
Translation as Secondary Communication. The Relevance Theory Perspective of Ernst-August Gutt
A Tale of Two Translation Theories
Wendland, E.
On the Relevance of Relevance Theory for Bible Translation
A Review of “Relevance Theory” in Relation to Bible Translation in South-Central Africa Part II

Discourse Analysis
Casson, S
Engaging with Γάρ: a relevance-theoretic approach to the connective’s communicative role in Romans
Textual Signposts in the Argument of Romans: A Relevance-theory Approach (Early Christianity and Its Literature)
Joihin, J
A Functional Description of the Discourse Marker Δε in 1 Corinthians
Pattermore, S
Souls Under the Altar: Relevance Theory and the Discourse Structure of Revelation (UBS Monograph Series)
People of God in the Apocalypse: Discourse, Structure and Exegesis (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series)
Rudolph, M
Reclaiming Γάρ: The Semantic Significance and Structural Implications of Γάρ as an Intersentential Conjunction in Romans through Hebrews
Sim, M
A Relevance Theoretic approach to the particle hina in Koine Greek (phd thesis)
Marking Thought and Talk in New Testament Greek: New Light from Linguistics on the Particles 'hina' and 'hoti'
From coherence to procedures A relevance-theoretic approach to the discourse markers δέ, γάρ and οὖν in Basil the Great’s Hexaemeron, Gregory of Nazianzus’s Invectives Against Julian and Heliodorus’s Aethiopica

Fantin, J
May the Force be with you: Volition, Direction, and Force: A Communicative Approach to the Imperative Mood

Evans, A
Relevance Theory as an approach to interpreting the Bible for children: The Lucan version of the Lord’s Prayer as a test case
Green, G
Relevance Theory and Theological Interpretation: Thoughts on Metarepresentation
Green, L
Lexical Pragmatics and Biblical Interpretation
Sim, M
A Relevant Way to Read: A New Approach to Exegesis (note that the kindle version bought in April 2017 had significant issues with the Greek text being repeated)

Metaphor and First Peter: the essential role of the minds of father-God's children in spiritual conflict with a special focus on 1: 13

Relevance Theory in the Performance of Revelation 17-19

Specific Texts
Monkemeier, M
God’s Righteousness Revealed: Romans 1:17 as an Explicit Reference to an Old Testament Concept
Bullock, J
Identifying Barriers to Understanding: Using Hill's Matrix to Examine Contextual Mismatch in Acts 12:15

Downes, W
Prayer as a Cognitive Register
Fantin, J
The Lord of the Entire World: Lord Jesus, a Challenge to Lord Ceasar
The Lord of the Entire World: Lord Jesus, a Challenge to Lord Caesar? (New Testament Monographs)
Smith, S
The Fate of the Jerusalem Temple in Luke-Acts (The Library of New Testament Studies)
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Matthew Longhorn
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Re: Relevance Theory and the Bible - a Few Resources

Post by Matthew Longhorn » June 25th, 2019, 2:24 am

I forgot to include Gutt's book on translation, based of his 1989 thesis

Translation and Relevance: Cognition and Context ... way&sr=8-1
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Matthew Longhorn
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Re: Relevance Theory and the Bible - a Few Resources

Post by Matthew Longhorn » June 25th, 2019, 5:14 am

And two more

Morales, N
Poor and Rich in James: A Relevance Theory Approach to James's Use of the Old Testament (Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplement) ... 157506782X

Duffey, P
A relevance-theoretical perspective on the question of why Jesus never wrote a book ... 19.1611526
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Matthew Longhorn
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Re: Relevance Theory and the Bible - a Few Resources

Post by Matthew Longhorn » June 29th, 2019, 10:33 am

A few more

Alo, A
Translating the Metaphorical Uses of Φῶς ‘light’ in Lugbarati: A Relevance Theory Perspective
Center for Hellenic Studies
1.3 Approaches to Particles and Discourse Markers
Ciampa, R
Approaching Paul's Use of Scripture in Light of Translation Studies
Cooper, b
Incorporated Servanthood: Commitment and Discipleship in the Gospel of Matthew
Incorporated Servanthood: A “Pragmatic-Critical” Analysis of the Theocentric Commitment Evoked by Matthew’s Gospel (phd thesis)
Doty, S
The Paradigm Shift in Bible Translation in the Modern Era, With Special Focus on Thai
Gauthier, R
Toward an LXX hermeneutic
Green, G
Relevance Theory and Biblical interpretation In “The Linguist as Pedagogue”
Hoyle, R
Scenarios, Discourse, and Translation The scenario theory of Cognitive Linguistics, its relevance for analysing New Testament Greek and modern Parkari texts, and its implications for translation theory
Lappenga, B
“I Myself am an Israelite”: Revisiting Paul’s Use of Ζῆλος in Romans 9-11
Paul's Language of Ζῆλος: Monosemy and the Rhetoric of Identity and Practice
Inference and Relevance in Paul’s Allegory of the Wild Olive Tree
The Relevance of ‘Context’ and ‘Interpretation’ to the Semiotic Relations of Romans 5:1-11
The vindication of the righteous in Romans 8:31-39: Inference and relevance
Pattemore, S
A Drift on a Sea of Implicature: Relevance Theory and the Pragmatics of Translation
“How Relevant is Exegesis for Translation?” In A Man Called Daniel: A Festschrift in Honour of Bishop Daniel C. Arichea, Jr
Relevance and Intertextuality
How Relevant is Exegesis for Translation?
On the Relevance of Translation Theory
Perry, S
Relevance Theory and Intertextuality in “Exploring Intertextuality: Diverse Strategies for New Testament Interpretation of Texts”
The Rhetoric of Digressions: Revelation 7:1-17 and 10:1-11:13 and Ancient Communication
Reinstorf, D
Communication models, relevance theory, Bible translation, and exegesis
Wukasch, B
Centered Fuller Communication: Sensus Plenior, Relevance Theory, and a Balanced Hermeneutic (masters thesis)
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