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Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 11:21:11 EDT

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> Jay P Green is
>among the world's top translators and textual critics, and used solely
>the text of the RECEIVED TEXT (from which the KJV was translated). His
>version stands alone in a gloomy sea of modern (per)versions, and brings
>to the reader the glorious Word of God in undiluted, uncorrupted,
>non-interpretive form.

Excuse me? Jay Green is a wonderful guy---I'm appreciative of much of what
he's done, but please, among the world's top translator's and textual
critics??? That's like saying I'm among the top bicyclists in all the
world---I could survive about 1/4 of the Tour de France stages if I could
take them about one a week or so, but that doesn't quite cut it.

What is here called "undiluted, uncorrupted, non-interpretive form" could be
described by someone else as "wooden, obtuse, unintelligible form."

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