The Living Pulpit (information)

Date: Thu Aug 24 1995 - 03:01:35 EDT

I have some helpful information on a great not-for-profit ecumenical
Christian journal I found out about called The Living Pulpit.

The Living Pulpit was founded by David H.C. Read and Walter
J. Burghardt, S.J. Each issue explores one major theme,
such as Hope, Faith, Love, Evil, Justice, Earth, Prayer, Anger,
Jesus, Forgiving, Conflict, Community, Grace, Suffering, Life,
and so on.

If you would like to find out more about The Living Pulpit, send e-mail to
"" with your name and address and they will send you a

I got a subscription to The Living Pulpit for my pastor as a gift to my
church and he has found it to be of value.



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