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Date: Mon Aug 28 1995 - 18:13:29 EDT

On Sun, 27 Aug 1995, Jan Haugland wrote:

>Carlton Winbery saod:
>> Interestingly, just as the disciples' questions are clearly
>>blocked out in Matthew, so he also presents Jesus's answer in blocks
>>alternating between the destruction of the temple and the second coming.

Actually I wrote that, not Carlton. Let's not blame Carlton for what he
didn't say.

>There is no alternating. The destruction of the temple and the second coming
>would occur at the same time.

The alternating blocks are as follows in Matt. 24:
   where A: destruction of temple/Jerusalem
         B: second coming of Christ
B: vv. 4-14 Warnings about troubles that are NOT signs of Christ's advent
A: vv. 15-22 Troubles at the desolation of Jerusalem
B: vv. 23-28 Advent of Christ NOT at that time; rather, it will be as obvious
              as lightning and vultures
A: v. 29 Transition from the desolation of Jerusalem ("after those days")
B: vv. 30-33 Coming of the Son of Man
A: vv. 34-35 Events of this generation
B: vv. 36-51 That day and hour which only the Father knows

Note that in 23-28 Jesus is very clear that his advent will NOT be at the time
of tribulation that would occur when the abomination of desolation stood on
holy ground (understand with Luke "when the hated Roman armies stood on the
holy ground of Jerusalem").

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