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Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 11:40:50 EDT

I've been working on a reply to Jan Haugland's Tueday's reply to a post of
mine, but have run on a snag that I would appreciate some feedback on.

Jan complained that I cannot treat Matt. 24:23-28 as referring to the second
coming because it begins with TOTE "then"; I take it that he means "then" in
the sense of "at that time" and not "next in order/time" and I am inclinded to
agree with him on this meaning at this place.

The problem is that checking on the meaning of TOTE in the lexicons I discover
that Thayers and Louw & Nida treat Matt. 24:23 as an example of the meaning
"next in order/time" rather than "at that time." BAG does not list this
passage, but treats the parallel in Mark 13:21 in the same way--as subsequent
rather than simultaneuos.

It looks to me like Jesus is saying that if at the time of the tribulation in
vv. 15-22 false Christs and false prophets should arrive, they should not be
believed. I doubt that he is saying that they should not believe false
Christs and false prophets once the tribulation is finished, although that is
how I understand the lexicons to be taking it. Historically (i.e. relying on
Josephus), the former case was the situation, unless this is a veiled
reference to Bar Kokhba.

What do you think? Does TOTE mean "at that time" or "next in order/time" in
Matt. 24:23? Can all three major English lexicons be wrong?

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