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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Sep 02 1995 - 22:20:22 EDT

At 8:58 PM 9/2/95, Bruce Terry wrote:
>Thanks to everyone who delivered an opinion on TOTE in Matt. 24:23. Isn't it
>interesting how one's view of what this discourse is saying colors our view of
>what the little words mean. And we say that our view of the discourse is just
>a natural understanding of combining the meanings of the little words. Shades
>of the hermeneutic circle!
>I still wonder how all three major English lexicons in the Biblical studies
>tradition came up with the same understanding of TOTE when this list showed so
>much diversity. Maybe this is a case of intertextuality at work? :)

Isn't it obvious, Bruce? (1) The lexicographers conspired with each other
and planted a false entry on TOTE in order to achieve a conviction among NT
scholars; (2) contributors to this list have no loyalty to the guild, and
some of them (myself, for instance) aren't even NT scholars; (3) quot
homines tot sententiae. Maybe one of these explanations ought to account
for it, but since Aristotle postulated four causes, we should add your
suggestion as (4) a case of intertextuality at work.

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