Re: BG: Synoptic Apocalypse (LONG!)

Date: Sat Sep 02 1995 - 12:23:52 EDT

Carl Conrad stated:
>Here you have misstated the facts. Actually it is only in Mark 9:1 that we
>find that phrase, "with power." More on this anon.

*Blush* :-) Sorry for this mistake.

That said, I have to note that you always picked the one minor piece of my
argument you felt you could answer and ignored the rest.

As for the *interpretation* of the synoptic apocalypse: I interpret it to be
local event. The normal interpretation is to treat it as a global event. The
Jews missed the first coming of Christ because they expected a grandiose coming
more as a result of imagination than sober examination of scriptures.
Christians have done exactly the same mistake.

I wonder how many thousand years will have to pass before it is obvious that
Christ will never come back. I don't think they will change their mind "soon."
No reinterpretation is "at hand."


- Jan


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