Date: Mon Sep 04 1995 - 22:00:09 EDT

Ed Krentz said,
>I have been reading what has been said about the synoptic >apocalypse with
some interest--though not with the >attention to detail that would have been
necessary to take a >position in the discussion that has been going on.

I have also followed this discussion with interest and am want to post
something, especially concerning Mark's version of the apocalypse. I will be
very busy for the next several days, but I hope eventually to jump in. One
book that has influenced me much in Mark is Morna Hooker, The Son of Man in
Mark, ca. 1967, I think. She is convinced that Mark is more influenced by
the S of M in Daniel than the Servant Psalms in Isaiah. She thinks that in
Mark the S of M terminology is used to emphasize what Mark see Jesus
emphazing, i.e., that God would vindicate him beyond his suffering as he did
the Saints of the Most High in Daniel 7. The use of S of M by Jesus when he
was on trial at the mercy of his enemies and his closest disciple on the
outside denying him was a statement of confidence. I take this to be the
theme of the S of M saying in the Apocalypse as well. This will also
influence how I interpret SHMEION. In Mark the result of the SHMEION is that
they will know that "he," or "it," or "she" is at the door. The chronology
is a knotty problem but the use of apocalyptic language usually is more
meaningful if it is not forced into chronological frameworks, such as the use
of Joel in Peter's speach in Acts 2.

I will develop this further later and look forward to this discussion.

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