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Date: Tue Sep 05 1995 - 20:00:17 EDT

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> suggests that this might relate to the world view of Col 2. Wouldn't it
> relate as well to the possible world view of Romans 8:38-39, i.e., that
> there may be astral powers in the planetary spheres, perhaps subject to
> Satan or the KOSMOKRATWR THS SKOTIAS THS PAROUSHS? (don't know if I've
> cited that correctly!)

I am not saying that the astral powers are not in view, but I don't think
that they are in the foreground here. Rather I think this as a reference
to Hagai 2.6, where the promise is that He will shake the heavens and
earth and all nationsprepaatory to filling "this house" (the rebuilt
Temple) with glory. In Matt 24.29 this reference along with other
prophetci references to Is 13, Joel 2 etc is used to describe the coming
of the Son of Man-these things will happen to prepare for that ultimate
filling with glory at His coming, the Day of the Lord.

I find it interesting that DUNAMIS is used in Matthew in reference either
to a miracle or wonder (Christ's power) or to the Father's power. This
is the only place in Matthew where DUNAMIS may be used of something not
associated with God. I don't know quite what to make of it, but I find
it interesting. I haven't checked out usage in Mark and Luke yet.

A quick word on the fig tree, lest we read too much into it here. While
it is true that the fig tree is sometimes a symbol of Israel in the
Hebrew Bible, and is probably used soch 21.18-21, to paraphrase Freud,
sometimes a fig tree is just a fig tree.
I also am not convinced that Mt 21.18-21 or the fig tree refer to the
destruction of Jerusalem or the end of the Jewish nation. Judea is not
at this time a "nation", and while there are elements there that would
wish it were, there are other elements contentedly enjoying the fruits of
the occupation. Rather I would propose that the fig tree's withering is
to be read as a final rejection by God through Jesus of an Israel who has
rejected the Son of Man.

Any way, a few disjointed thoughts.

Larry Swain
Parmly Billings Library

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