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Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 22:03:00 EDT

A lurker shows his face.

I've been on for a couple of weeks, long enough to realize I'll probably
not be contributing much more than questions. I've been teaching (and
re-learning) Greek to Japanese Deaf people at a very small school
(10 students), Sendai Baptist Seminary. I'm interested to know if anyone
out there has taught deaf people Greek, or knows someone who has. I'm
about to finish up the introductory level, and am looking for good
teaching material for the next level. When I was studying 15 years ago,
it was Dana and Mantey, but I imagine there are better, or at least
other approaches out there. Any input?

I used Machen (ancient, yes, but he's the only one who's also
translated into Japanese). I borrowed both English and Japanese
copies from our library for the semester, and wondered if anyone knows
whether Machen is still available. Where? In bookstores? Used
bookstores? Anyone have a copy they want to sell? Let me know. I've
moved from that school, so am needing to get my own copy.

My present job is working with a translation team to put the Bible into
Japanese Sign Language (on video). As "original language consultant,"
I'm the best they have so far, but will probably have tons of questions.
For now, I'll keep it to this--What good commentaries are available on CD
Rom? My study size is severely limited, but I need the resources. Would
a full internet connection make those kinds of resources available?
Right now, I only have e-mail.

Thanks in advance. You seem to be a most gracious and helpful group.

Mark & Mary Esther Penner CBInternational
                                                 Tokyo, Japan

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