Re: Curriculum for children

Date: Thu Sep 07 1995 - 15:42:16 EDT

Timothy Smith wrote,
>Does anyone know of a curriculum that I could use to begin >teaching my
>year old daughter Koine or Attic Greek? I know that there are >some
>materials available for teaching elementary age children >modern languages,
>such as Spanish. Does anyone know of material that would >work for ancient

I would suggest with young children and even high school students who want to
eventually learn Greek start them in modern Greek. Some of the best tools
for that come from D.C. Divry 293 Seventh Ave., New York. They have
beginning grammars and special reading books that start out with simple "see
Dick run" sentences. It is primarily inductive and would be easy for
children, using songs, poems, stories, etc.
Carlton Winbery
Prof. Rel.
LA College Pineville, La.

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