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> >> Although most dictionaries define "Christ" as "Messiah", in most
> >> contexts and for most contemporary readers, "Christ" lacks the Old
> >> Testament connotations that "Messiah" legitimately brings with it.
> >> Part of this problem stems from "Christ" having come into English
> >> from Greek as a transliterated word. The problem is that the
> >> meaning which XRISTOS had for 1st-century readers of Greek is not
> >> necessarily that which the word "Christ" has for us.
> >
> >You raise an interesting point. Don't we also run into the same sort of
> >problems with a term like "baptism" as well?
> And "deacon" and "bishop"! Dare I mention "church," "sin," "faith," and
> "repentance," which although not from Greek roots, are sometimes misunderstood
> by many readers?

        I agree, there could be lots of spin-offs from this thread. It
could be legitimate to reconsider the translation of many of these, since
the reading public of our generation is, for the most part, far removed
from things specifically religious. One would need to use care, however,
not to redefine such crucial terms incorrectly.

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