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From: John Baima (
Date: Mon Sep 11 1995 - 10:08:22 EDT

At 09:05 AM 9/11/95 -24000, Eric Weiss wrote:

>On another note, I think I'm in the minority, but I don't find the thinner
>italicized font of UBS 4 that bad when compared to UBS 3, although I wouldn't
>mind a return to the older, easier-to-read font. Has UBS received or
>responded to this often-heard criticism? I noticed that the interlinears and
>parallel bibles published with the UBS 4 text use the new font as well. Does
>anyone know why they chose this new font which so many have criticized, or
>whether UBS 5 will revert to the earlier font?

They may change fonts, I don't know, but they will not go back to UBS3
because that was set in hot lead! I believe that UBS4 was typeset on a Mac
with Linguist's Software's fonts. I think that font is a good compromise for
screen/laser printers, but there are real commercial Greek fonts for
typesetting which are better at high resolution.

-John Baima

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