XRISTOS and other questions

From: Russell Williamson (RJWILLIA%SAMFORD.BITNET@uga.cc.uga.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 11 1995 - 17:18:17 EDT

The recent discussion on the translation of XRISTOS and other Greek words
which are of non-Hellenic origin sparks a very important question:

  How can a minister teach his congregation the richness of these ideas
  without casting doubts in the congregation's faithfulness concerning
  the Scriptures or without making his congregation feel ignorant or
  unable to know this richness of the Scriptures?

Now, on another matter, I'm beginning to flesh out my views on eschatology.
In reading Metzger's The Text of the New Testament, he cites a variant
reading (p 57) for the end of Mark's evangel found in Ms W. Certainly there
are other passages and interpretations of eschatolgocial passages which merit
an amillenial view, but can this variant be used as proof of early belief
in this position? I suspect the passage's non-canonical status is a weakness,
but I also realize the date of this manuscript adds some historical precedent
to such an interpretation.

Russell Williamson

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