1 John 1:1-4

From: Jezzy111@aol.com
Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 03:42:29 EDT

Hello everyone :-)
     My name is Wayde Gilliam and would like to receive some comments on the
following questions concerning the first four verses of 1 John from those
involved in this forum. Here they are:
          1. (v.1) --- "ap archs" What does the "beginning" (archs) refer

          2. (v.1) --- "peri tou logou tns zwhs" How have some of you
translated this
                                                                phrase and

          3. (v.1) --- "tou logou zwhs" I recognize that John is obviously
speaking about
                                                    Christ here, but I am
still uncertain as to why John
                                                    refers to him as "the
word of life" (v.1) and "this
                                                    eternal life" (v.2).
 What do you think?

          4. (v.4) --- "h peplhrwmenh" I recog. this to be a periphrastic
use of the perfect,
                                                    but I am unable to
confidently translate the phrase.
                                                    How would you translate
it, and what is the meaning
                                                    of this verse (if you got
any ideas)?

           5. By the way, if you got any comments on the overall structure
of 1Jn.1:1-4
                please send them to me as well (always looking for more hints
                understanding the thrust of John here) :-)

     Thanks for you help in advance. My email address is Jezzy111@aol.com

Grace and Peace in Christ,
Wayde Gilliam
Vista, CA

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