Date: Tue Sep 12 1995 - 20:56:01 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote,
>You may very well be right about Mark, but in one way it >seems to me that
you underscore similarities between Mark >and Luke, perhaps without intending
to: what I'm thinking of >is the perspective of Jesus' time with the
disciples as a >preparation of them for their evangelistic mission. I think
>the emphasis on their evangelistic mission is quite right and >I think it is
very urgent in Mark.<

There are similarities with Luke in that he has an emphasis on missions and
especially (in Acts) on the gospel moving out in the power of the Spirit. I
think that a major difference with Luke is that he is writing in a situation
in which the church has become mostly Gentile. He is demonstrating through
the Jesus story and the story of the early church that this move was the
result of the work of the Holy Spirit breaking down the barriers (somewhat
apologetic in the good sense). Like Mark, he has an abrupt, unsatisfying
ending to the story in which we are left in the dark about something that we
would like to know, what happened to Paul. But for him, his purpose is
accomplished with Paul preaching the gospel in the center of the world
"openly and unhinderedly" (pardon the literal translation).
Carlton Winbery
LA College Pineville, LA

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