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From: Bruce Terry (terry@bible.acu.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 15 1995 - 00:34:09 EDT

Since several people have inquired about Beta Code and other transliteration
schemes used on B-Greek, I am reposting this message of July 12. Most
messages on B-Greek will use one of these six schemes, although you are free
to make up your own and dare the rest of us to figure it out.

-----------------------------Forwarded Message-------------------------------

The following chart combines Carl Conrad's posting of three different schemes
of transliteration with my suggested modifications and the traditional digraph
scheme. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There is no standard transliteration scheme on B-Greek. However, most people
will use one of the following six schemes. Note that these schemes use either
upper case or lower case, not both, since a change in case may signify a
different letter.

LETTERS TLG/CCAT Simplified Modified Traditional
ACCENTS Beta Code CAPS Lower CAPS Lower Digraph

alpha A A a A a a
beta B B b B b b
gamma G G g G g g
delta D D d D d d
epsilon E E e E e e
zeta Z Z z Z z z
eta H H E H E E
theta Q Q q Q q th
iota I I i I i i
kappa K K k K k k
lambda L L l L l l
mu M M m M m m
nu N N n N n n
xi C C c X x x
omicron O O o O o o
pi P P p P p p
rho R R r R r r
sigma S S s S s s
tau T T t T t t
upsilon U U u U u u
phi F F f F f ph
chi X X x C c ch
psi Y Y y V v ps
omega W W O W O O
digamma V f w
koppa q q

iota subscript | i i
smooth breathing )
rough breathing ( h ( h h h
acute accent / / / /
circumflex accent = @ = ~
grave accent \ \ \ \
diaeresis +

The following are the same for all schemes.

upper case *
 (following character is upper case)
apostrophe '
hyphen -
comma ,
period .
raised dot (colon) :
question mark :
dash _

Note that both medial and final sigma are transliterated the same.

Accents are usually omitted for all schemes except TLG unless they are
necessary for the sense of the post.

Breathing marks and the * to indicate upper-case are written at the beginning
of the word.

Accents and diacritical marks are written directly after the coding for the
character above and below which they are located in the source document. They
follow the second character of a diphthong.

Note on TLG/CCAT Beta code keyboard layout: This was originally created to
enable appropriate software programs to translate TLG coded texts into
different Greek fonts used by different platforms.

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