Re: Beta Code?

From: David Moore (
Date: Thu Sep 14 1995 - 11:48:33 EDT wrote

>I tried to use the beautiful site at the Internet:
>Which claims to offer, e.g., an online Liddell Scott Jones.
>I was requested to use the 'Beta Code' for transcribing Greek characters.
>No information on this code is available at Persues (as far as I can see).
>Does anyone of B-GREEK have an url to information about the beta code?

        Beta code is the alphabetic equivalance system that is used by the
CCAT people for encoding Greek texts. The Greek references that one most
often sees on this list are quoted in an adapted form of this same "Beta

        I logged on to the website that Eric mentions above and found it a
tremendous resource. The Beta code has to be entered in lower case
letters for the search engine to recognize it (i.e. lamba/nw, not
LAMBA/NW). They have a number of ancient works in Greek which can easily
be searched for instances of any word being reasearched. For those who
have a Mac, you get the bonus of being able to access this stuff with
Greek fonts.


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