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For all of you who have access to the Internet: you really should visit It is a great site for people who want to have quick
access to classical texts.
As regards the beta code I was looking for: I found an explanation of the
'beta' code, thanks to the people of, at:
Here it is:
A Brief Introduction
The Parallel Aligned Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek texts of Jewish Scripture are
based on the Michigan-Claremont BHS consonantal text and the TLG LXX, created
by the CATSS project under the direction of E. Tov (Jerusalem team). This
data base currently is in a provisional form that will undergo continued
modification as the CATSS project proceeds to its goals. Each line of the
parallel files shows equivalent elements of the MT and the LXX.
Occasionally, the Hebrew column splits into two columns: column a and column
Column a of the Hebrew records all elements of MT as formal equivalents of
the LXX. This recording probably represents the most objective way of
registering the relation between the LXX and MT, but at times it is of
limited value since the Greek translation was actually made from a different
Hebrew text. Column b refers to that Hebrew text.
Column b contains a selection of retroverted readings, presumably found in
the parent text of the LXX. At the same time, column b contains some remarks
on differences between the LXX and MT in matters of translation technique.
In both matters no completeness is attempted.
For a detailed description of the Parallel text data base, consult Emanuel
Tov, _A Computerized Data Base for Septuagint Studies: The Parallel Aligned
Text of the Greek and Hebrew Bible_, Computer Assisted Tools for Septuagint
Studies (CATSS) Volume 2, Stellenbosch: Journal of Northwest Semitic
Languages, 1986).


     Hebrew Greek
     alef ) alfa A
     bet B beta B
     gimel G gamma G
     dalet D delta D
     he H epsilon E
     waw W digamma/vau (=6) V
     zayin Z zeta Z
     het X eta H
     tet + theta Q
     yod Y iota I
     kaf K kappa K
     lamed L lamda L
     mem M mu M
     nun N nu N
     samek S ksi C
     ayin ( omicron O
     pe P pi P
     zade C koppa (=90) #3
     qof Q rho R
     resh R sigma (both) S
     sin/shin # sigma final J
     sin & tau T
     shin $ upsilon U
     taw T phi F
                              chi X
                              psi Y
                              omega W
     ketiv * smooth breathing )
     qere ** rough breathing (
    morphological iota subscript |
      separator \ acute accent /
                              grave accent \
                             circumflex acc. =
                             diaeresis +
    maqqeph - capital letter * (precedes)

Examples: *ioudai=os

Plus lots of special symbols dealing with the relationship of the LXX to the
Masoretic texts. If you need these codes, download the full document at
Greetings, Erik
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           negat quis: nego; ait: aio.
     (Terentius, Eunuchus II.2.21; Cicero, De Amicitia XXV.93)

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