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Date: Tue Sep 12 1995 - 00:46:09 EDT

Vincent DeCaen <> wrote:

>I'm wondering about the fate of a little paperback I once picked up by
>David Alan Black, "Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek: A
>Survey of Basic Concepts and Applications" (1988).
>1. >I'm curious about critical reviews, about use in courses, about use in
>articles; but especially what people on the list might think.

I'm not sure about reviews, but I bought the book when I was reading in
linguistics and thought that it was a very good introduction to and
application of linguistics to NT Greek.

2. >I'm also curious whether such a thing has been done or is in the works
>for Biblical Hebrew. Does anyone have any thoughts on the value of
>such work if not???

There are two works which are somewhat comparable in Hebrew. I forget the
name of one. The other emerged from an SBL seminar: W. Bodine, ed.
Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 1992. This
one at least is not really at the same level of Black's, and I would say
that there is a market for something comparable. In fact I would say that
both the introductory and advanced level of such a work is BEGGING to be

3. >finally, is linguistics actually taught in seminaries? does anyone
>know where? just curious. I'd love to know what they do with some of
>this stuff in light of conflicts with standard theological positions ;-)

I was introduced to some linguistic concepts by a participant on this list
while at seminary, and did my reading from there. I will be using Black's
book for 2nd year Greek this year. I would not be surprised if others
are doing it. There are of course a number of good tools for Greek, unlike
Hebrew. (eg. Silva's: Lexical semantics, Louw's: Semantics of Biblical
Greek; Nida & Louw: Style and Discourse, with special refererence to NT

Tim McLay

 Tim McLay
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