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From: Ken Penner (
Date: Thu Sep 14 1995 - 23:21:25 EDT

On 11 Sep 95 at 22:42, Vincent DeCaen wrote:

> I'm wondering about the fate of a little paperback I once picked
> up by David Alan Black, "Linguistics for Students of New
> Testament Greek: A Survey of Basic Concepts and Applications"
> (1988). The foreword by Moises Silva played an important role in
> my intellectual formation.
> 1. I'm curious about critical reviews, about use in courses,
> about use in articles; but especially what people on the list
> might think.

Our third-year "Advanced Greek Readings" class at Regent uses it as
the course textbook (got it right beside me now as a matter of
fact), and I used it in Intro. Greek tutorial this afternoon to
clarify the difference between the alpha, omicron, and omega

Ken Penner
Greek T.A., Regent College, Vancouver
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