Re: Mark 16 (Oh, no, not again?)

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Sep 17 1995 - 16:28:00 EDT

At 2:55 PM 9/17/95, Bruce Terry wrote:
>I see the morphological activity involved, although I don't claim to understand
>it fully. It is clear to me that hRHGNUMI and hRHSSW are from the same root.
>But are they two forms of the same word, or two words derived from the same
>root? KRAZW seems to show this morphological activity in inflexional forms,
>but this is apparently not the case with hRHG, since both hRHGNUMI and hRHSSW
>have present tense forms. Thanks for any further help in seeing whether these
>are derivationally separate words, or merely inflexionally different forms of
>the same word.

I wouldn't want to be dogmatic about this, but it would certainly seem to
me that we have to see hRHG-NUMI as a characteristic (and as old as Homer)
present-tense using the most common of the regular -MI verb formative
elements (SKEDA(N)-NUMI, OLLUMI < OL-NUMI, DEIK-NUMI, etc., etc., whereas
hRHSSW is derived from one of the most basic -W verb formative elements,
-yO/E, so that hRHG-yW --> hRHSSW is precisely analogous to PRAG-yW -->
PRASSW. I don't believe that hRHSSW as a verb form appears earlier than
koine, perhaps than NT, although I haven't immediate access to tools to
check that. It would seem to me that these verb forms are analogous to the
concurrent verb forms AFIHMI and AFIW, the latter being a secondary -W
formation of the same root and stem as the much older and still essentially
unique form in classical Attic, AFIHMI. It is a matter of -W formations
competing with and eventually supplanting the older -MI formations.
Moreover, unless I am badly mistaken, the original root of hRHG- is hRAG-,
i.e., this was a long alpha which changed to eta in Attic-Ionic dialects.
The root is cognate, I believe, with old English "wrack" and Latin FRAG as
seen in "fragmentum" and "frango."

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