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Date: Mon Sep 18 1995 - 19:31:37 EDT

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Eric Weiss <> asked:

>On the cover of Philip Comfort's book on the original text of the New
>Testament (green paperback) is a photograph of a manuscript I've identified
>as Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians. The back of the book only tells where
>the manuscript is housed, with no other information given. I've noticed 2
anomalies about the manuscript:
>2. The "UMIN" in 1:2 is spelled "UMEIN." I don't have the book in
>front of me, but I believe that's the verse.

>Does anyone know which manuscript this is? My N-A doesn't list the variant
>spelling "UMEIN" for any manuscript here. Is this an acceptable alternative
>spelling of "UMIN" or did the copyist just misspell it?

The manuscript is p46 (a leaf of the portion housed at the U. of Michigan;
the rest is at the Chester Beatty library in Dublin).

Re the spelling variation (itacism), see the Greek grammar by F. T.
Gignac, vol. 1 on morphology. He documents thoroughly the various letter
and letter combinations that are interchanged in the papyri, etc. This
particular one is quite frequent.

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