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Date: Tue Sep 19 1995 - 12:24:22 EDT

did the word of God come from you, or arrive to you alone?

A quote from the letter doesn't fit well in this structure.>>

But 36 says to me that he is disagreeing with the above as he does in the
other quotes he disagrees with in 6 and 7.
I think he is saying the women can speak because the Word of God did not come
from you (the men) alone.
<<conceptual chiasmus:>>
conceptual chiasmus as a concept has always troubled me. Why is it that I can
read different scholars who come up with different conceptual chiasmus that
contradict each other. I have noticed this is Isaiah 58. I also noticed that
Milgrom in his commentary on numbers has a conceptual chiasmus that starts in
Exodus and goes all the way to Deut!! Frankly I doubt it

<< Then again, I want to argue
that 1 Cor 11:2-4, at least, is a quote of the Corinthians, since
I'm convinced Paul is arguing for the very opposite of what he is
accused of teaching here.>>
This is the problem. How many remember the great Carnak on Johhny Carson
where He would first answer the question and then give the answer. Very
Funny! I think that one or the other has to be a quote. Notice that verse 16
seems to be agaisnt something, where the quote lies I am not sure. I would
guess hair length.
Positive Dennis

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