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>Bruce would your style research support or detract from my concept that the
>phrase "Let the women be silent in the Churches" is a quote from the letter


On the positive side of your question, this statement is within one of the
sections that is in response to the Corinthians letter, apparently to a
question about spiritual gifts.

On the negative side, however, I don't know of anyone who has suggested that
this clause is a quote from the Corinthians' letter. I give one possible
reconstruction of that letter on pp. 19-20 of my book. I believe it is Hurd
(1983) _The origin of 1 Corinthians_ who surveys all the suggested quotes and
I don't remember than one being one.

I personally doubt it is a quote from their letter because it is not
introduced nor answered like the other suggested quotes.

Further, as I point out on p. 112 of my book, the section 33b-36 forms a
conceptual chiasmus:
A 33b as in all the churches of the saints
 B 34a let the women keep silent in the churches
  C 34b let them be subordinate
  C' 35a let them ask their husbands at home
 B' 35b it is shameful for a woman to speak in church
A' 36 did the word of God come from you, or arrive to you alone?

A quote from the letter doesn't fit well in this structure.

I fear this was not the answer you wanted.


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