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From: russell williamson (
Date: Tue Sep 19 1995 - 19:18:21 EDT

this is the first time i've dealt with any septuagint quotations and i'm
having some difficulty. in mark 12.28 the phrase KURIOS O QEOS HMWN KURIOS
occurs. is this the common form for the covenant name of God in LXX?

In Deuteronomy 6.5, the LXX has DUNAMEWS where the na27 reads DIANOIAS. am
i correct that there are no known greek mss of mark conforming to the LXX
for this reading?

In 12.33, the scribe repeats Jesus' commandment, using SUNESEWS in place of
PSUXH or DIANOIAS, and then dropping the other term. to which idea does
SUNESEWS more closely relate? i feel that soul, intelligence, and mind
are closely related terms; their differences are more ambiguous than their

many thanks,
russell williamson OR

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