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From: John Baima (
Date: Wed Sep 20 1995 - 17:42:05 EDT

I have not seen this cross posted here, and some of you may be interested in it:

>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 10:47:46 -0400
>From: Greg Crane <>
>Anyone with Windows Netscape interested in seeing Greek texts, LSJ and other
>sundry tools available on the Perseus Web Page can now do so. We have a
>workaround that is not perfect, but does get things going.
>Thanks to John Baima, we have a workaround so that people with
>Windows machines can see Greek via Netscape. He has prepared a special
>font that you can download and then use to see Greek. There are still
>some oddities: you need to set the Fixed Width Font to his Greek, but
>the font really isn't fixed width. The spacing looks odd when you see it,
>but it *is* Greek and its a good start.
>You can find the Fixed Width Greek font on John Baima's Silver Mountain
>Software Homepage:
>Once you have installed this and made it the fixed width font for Netscape,
>you can go to the Perseus home page:
>Once you get to a Greek text, all you need to do is set the transliteration
>to Greek: our software checks to see if you have a Mac or a Windows
>version of Netscape and chooses either the appropriate transliteration
>scheme for SMK GreekKeys or John's SGreek.
>You can start with either the sampe LSJ Entry for fero or the the sample
>We are very interested in seeing how to make this new medium as useful
>as possible for classicists. *Please feel free to play with the site and to
>pass this announcement on to anyone else who might be interested.*
>Greg Crane
>Editor in Chief
>Perseus Project

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