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> I have had some experience with people involved in cults before but I have
> just encounter a new twist. This fellow was at one time involved in The Way
> International but came to the conclusion it was a cult and left. However he
> is an adamant anti-trinitarian and flatly denies the deity of Christ. My
> conclusion? He left the cult but apparently kept the doctrine. His claim?
> Both doctrines are man made and the Council of Nicea was nothing but
> Catholic propoganda.
> Question-- is there a good text dealing with the greek N.T passages
> concerning the deity of Christ. I have just ordered Murray Harris' monograph
> on the topic. Any other suggestions? Also what is a good rigorous treatment
> of the Trinity that would go beyond the typical Systematic Theologies? My
> goal is not so much to take this guy on as these situations usually prove
> frustratingly futile. I do feel the challenge to get razor sharp in my
> thinking on these two areas. Thanks in advance for recommendations

        You might look into church history around the period of the Council of
Nicaea. The period following the Council is of special interest.
According to sources I've read, Constantinius, seeing that the orthodox
position was not supported by the majority, bowed to political pressure
and exiled the leaders of the Nicene position.

        But when the Arians had fully come to power, it became apparent
that there were deep divisions among them concerning _where_ to situate
Christ on the scale between diety and humanity. Their differences became
so great that their administration failed, and the orthodox bishops were
recalled from exile to again take over pastoral care of the church.

        I realize this post is somewhat off topic for this list, but
since we have dealt extensively with passages that are the basis of the
doctrines dealt with here, I hope no one objects to my citing some
historical background on this point.

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