Re: Trinity and Deity

From: Robert J. Brown (
Date: Fri Sep 22 1995 - 12:47:08 EDT

>>>>> "Carl" == Carl W Conrad <> writes:

    Carl> Sorry if my post sounded huffy, but people do occasionally
    Carl> try to use the list as a place for polemic against
    Carl> opponents. It IS IMPORTANT to watch carefully the "cc" line
    Carl> on your messages and make sure that they're not going where
    Carl> they're not intended to go.

No offense was implied or taken. I know how these things can be.
Entirely my fault for being careless. I know that the similar problem
of cross-posting to newsgroups can easily start unintended flame wars.
I am supprised that your list does not check for a registered
subscriber before reflecting to the other list members.

BTW what is the purpose/charter of b-greek? Is it theological, or
merely classical greek study?

--"Hear now my reasoning, and harken to the pleadings of my lips." [Jb 13:6]--
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