Re: some questions on Mk 6:35-39

Date: Sun Sep 24 1995 - 20:47:38 EDT

>I had the privilege of auditing a second year Greek syntax class at a local
>college, and one of the students was Greek. She had no problem with
>or vocabulary, and she immediately spotted all the typos in the textbook.
>wrestled terribly with the seemingly endless sub-sub-categories of each part
While it is likely true that a native modern Greek speaker has a head start
in studying a more ancient version, and its probably true we over analyze and
categorize, I would think a modern speaker would have tremendous difficulty
understanding a significant amount of a 2000 year old writing, especially
complex points of grammar. Think how difficult it is for us to struggle
through some of KJV's measly 500 year old stuff, to say nothing of Pier's
Ploughmen(sp?). I think there are some valid points to be made by this
argument, but I think it mostly muddies the pond. Besides, how much of the
grammar of a modern English textbook is thought about or even understood by
the average speaker? Though I admit to being offended at my Professor's
insistence on memorizing so many paradigms! :)

Roy Millhouse
Grandview MO
soon to be Deerfield, IL

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