Re: Archive is set up!

From: James K. Tauber (
Date: Mon Sep 25 1995 - 22:13:43 EDT

On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, Bruce Terry wrote:
> James--
> I checked out the archive on Friday and it looks real good; however, I am
> wondering why it stopped archiving on Sept. 4th.

Bruce (and everyone else),

It appears that yet again the majordomo software has cancelled my
subscription from jtauber@cyllene.

That was only a temporary place anyway. I'm in the process of moving
everything over to my own machine and I've resubscribed to b-greek from
there. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon.

Things will be transferred by the end of the week and I'll post again to
b-greek when that is done.

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