Re: Comments on Greek lexicons, updated

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Date: Tue Sep 26 1995 - 17:38:23 EDT

On Tue, 26 Sep 1995, Edward Hobbs wrote:

>Subject: Comments on Greek lexicons, updated

Thanks for the information on Greek Lexicons. It is good and useful. I would
really like to read your opinion on the now out-dated, but right priced in
reprint, Thayers.

> Finally, a book doing the same thing as the Analytical Lexicon, except
>that it is arranged in the order the words occur in the New Testament
>(i..e., one starts reading Matthew, and it parses every word in order (with
>some high-frequency exceptions): Nathan E. Han, _A Parsing Guide to the
>Greek New Testament_, Herald Press, 1971. It was printed from typed copy,
>tolerably readable (but could be better).

I've used Han in the past to advantage; however, I have documented about 150
errors and omissions. That's only about one every three pages. Is that
acceptable? Note that this only parses verbs.

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