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From: Vincent Broman (
Date: Tue Sep 26 1995 - 12:15:29 EDT

An update...
The previous counts included bracketed words, so I recounted after
ommitting such bracketed material. Also, I didn't get some formatting cruft
out of Westcott-Hort, so I cleaned it up and recounted it.

Count of words in the NT:

W-H, omit bracketed 136484
NA26, omit bracketed 136866
W-H, include bracketed 137675 (fixed)
NA26, include bracketed 138029
Byzantine-Robinson 140255
Scrivener 140608
Stephanus 1550 140677

That's a difference in length of 4193 words between the longest
and the shortest text, about 242 full verses worth.

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