What is the PURPOSE of Life?

From: Neil124@aol.com
Date: Tue Sep 26 1995 - 14:11:16 EDT

     The question of why we are living on this earth and what our purpose is
here is perhaps the most profound question one can ask. In an article I read
in The Living Pulpit entitled, "What is the Purpose of Life?", John
provides an interesting answer.

     Macquarrie points out that we all have purposes we work at day by day.
We may even have an overall purpose that embraces and coordinates all the
little purposes. But Macquarrie shows there is an even vaster purpose
behind human aspirations and states that "God has a purpose for the whole
creation, a purpose that gathers up, purifies and deepens all of our finite
purposes. Jesus Christ believed that there is such a purpose and called it
the `Kingdom of God.'"

     He also makes clear that God is not a mathematician whose intention was
to create a mechanized universe or an overwhelming esthetic creation. On the
contrary, Macquarrie says, "God is a God of love, whose purpose in creation
was not to bring into being a fascinatingly beautiful universe, but to be
confronted with an `other' who could respond to love with love, who could
live in communion."

     Does anyone have any thoughts about Macquarrie's view on the purpose of
Life? I should mention that you can get an electronic summary of this
article or information about The Living Pulpit by sending e-mail to
"Livpulpit@AOL.com" Any ideas on the subject?


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