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From: Vincent Broman (
Date: Wed Sep 27 1995 - 17:22:10 EDT

mark_o' asked about Sturz:
> I am curious
> as to exactly what he does with internal evidence in his evaluations.
> How does he deal with conflations...?

Your curiosity will be rewarded by reading Sturz's book on the Byzantine
text type yourself. There he gives evidence that no text type is immune
to conflation and that the Byzantines are not specially prone to it.
He also deals with other types of internal evidences in general terms.

Aside from my own paper found at
I'm not aware of any work which methodically and repeatably evaluates the
preponderance of internal evidence for/against any of the major text types,
with the possible exception of the text of Bezae.
(I'd love to learn otherwise.)
I think Sturz and I agree that internal evidences do not weigh against
the potential value of the Byzantines.

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