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Date: Fri Sep 29 1995 - 16:47:07 EDT

"Carl W. Conrad" <> wrote:

>Be careful! In the course of some thirty +
>years of teaching Concordia Seminary students who just wanted to continue
>with classical Greek while taking their B.D., I've seen a few get so hooked
>on it that they've not pursued a ministerial career after all. One of those
>was the late John Hollar of Fortress Press, who did a Ph.D. dissertation
>with me; another who got a Ph.D. in Greek at Washington U. not long before
>I got there is Edgar Krentz, who can speak for himself to this list. I can
>say all this because I myself was an undergraduate at Tulane once with
>every intention of going into the ministry, but before I got that far I was
>hooked on Classical Greek.

        There are also some classical scholars who have become competent
and have served quite well in the area of New Testament studies. A couple
of them that came to mind as I read Carl's post are J. B. Lightfoot and F.
F. Bruce. Others on the list could probably suggest some additional


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