Classical Greek, etc.

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Sun Oct 08 1995 - 05:37:18 EDT

I took/am taking (this is my 2nd year) NT Greek because I want to read the
Greek New Testament. Various posts in the past have indicated that it is
good to precede Hellenistic/NT Greek with a year of Classical and/or Attic
Greek, though I don't think all seminaries do this.
  - How crucial is knowing these earlier forms of Greek to understanding the
Greek New Testament?
  - What have those of us who have only taken NT Greek missed by not taking
these earlier forms of Greek?
  - Should we somewhere down the road take a course in these other forms of
Greek even though our main interest is in reading and understanding the New
Testament, not Homer, et al?
  - Are there good grammar books on Classical/Attic Greek that would be easy
for someone with 1-2 years of NT Greek to pick up and read that would fill in
the gaps we supposedly missed by not learning these forms of Greek?
  - What "gaps" do we have (i.e., what areas of understanding are we ignorant
of) because all we have learned is NT Greek?

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