Numerology, & Insane Anglo Warlord

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 23:20:34 EDT

Ah, but if you notice that RONALD WILSON REAGAN has 6 letters + 6 letters
+ 6 letters (=666), then Lederer's anagram just MIGHT be true/right/
compelling/demonstrated. (I learned this duirng his 1966 campaign for
governor of California, while I was in Berkeley.)
        Roughly about 1937, a chap named (Ivan?) Panin published a book
called "Amazing New Discoveries!", which made a deep impression on a
young boy (the undersigned), as you can tell from my remembering even the title
and the author's name (I THINK his first name was Ivan). He showed that
if you add up letters and words and verses and the like, there are
unbelievable arrangements of 3's, 7's, etc., which prove that God inspired
the Bible. Ernest Cadman Colwell, later President of the University of
Chicago (and my teacher in textual criticism), immediately wrote a demon-
stration of the inspiration of the recent novel "Gone With the Wind."
"Its first sentence has 21 words, three 7's, the second, 28 words or four
7's. Add these together and you get seven 7's. The third sentence has
3 nouns. The first paragraph has 4x7 nouns, 7 proper adjectives, and
nine (3x3) adverbs." Etc., etc. He applied the same technique as Panin
used to Ignatius' letter to the Ephesians, and found a plethora of
3's and 7's.
        I personally know that Shakespeare wrote Psalm 46. He often
spelled his name "Shakspeare," or Shak-speare, 4 and 6 letters; we go to
Psalm 46, therefore, and find that the 46th word from the beginning
is "Shake" and the 46th from the end is "spear". Q.E.D.
A very weary,
and oft-disappointed-counter-of letters and words,


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