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Date: Tue Oct 03 1995 - 11:56:23 EDT

The advice to read Nigel Turner in Vol 4 of Moulton and Howard should be
severely qualified. There are severe criticisms of this work in Greg
Horsley's 5th vol of New Documents. there are more carefully expressed
criticisms with detailed refutations in my article in ZNW c 1991 on
Hellenistic historians and the Style of Acts (Vol 82 pp.42-66).

That Mark uses kai frequently is often observed. Recent work I have been
doing shows at least two 500 word samples of Mark which are light on kai and
use de more than the rest of Mark. This same work shows that style in Mark
varies between healings, other narratives, apophthegms and logia. But this
is work in progress.

On Ephesians some of the differences in style can be inferred
from the plots and other details in my article 'The Extent of the Pauline
Corpus' due out any week now from JSNT
 I would give refs to toehr work by others but our system is just due for
and interrupt!

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