Re: Greek numerals?

From: Will Wagers (
Date: Tue Oct 03 1995 - 23:08:14 EDT

>Will Wagers <> writes:
>> In Greek, we find the achrophonic system, which yields to the
>>alphabetic system about 300 BCE. Possibly a Greek invention, the
>>alphabetic system requires special punctuation, e.g. spaces on boths
>>sides of the number, an overline over it, or some other special
>>punctuation symbol. (Minoan also uses modified symbols to represent
>> powers).
> Was this the origin or did this influence the later use of sacra nomina by
>Christians in the mss?
> In XP,
> Tim Staker

I was referring to the possible origin of the alphabetic system as being
Greek. If I understand the question, in a system where letters are
numerals, obviously writers are going to take advantage of the fact, at
times, to express mystical truths, to write cryptographically for secrecy,
and, merely, to amuse themselves and delight the reader with




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