Re: RE > Romans 4-1-6

Date: Sat Oct 07 1995 - 22:51:00 EDT

Dear Karen,

I continue to be thankful for the assistance of persons like you. I have
found that the interaction is very helpful and the phrasing of the questions
is in itself a "clarifying" exercise. I feel like this is what my 5-year-old
son does to me every day. I guess it's part of the growth process.
 Incidentially, we just got him in bed as well.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow. I'm taking my experiences with the first
three chapters of Romans during the last two weeks and applying them and what
I've learned to a "hot" issue which seems to be on everyone's minds these
days. I think my first point will be, "THERE ARE NO PERFECT LEGAL SYSTEMS!"
 At least, this is one conclusion I have drawn from all these late-night
Greek sessions for the past several days in the Book of Romans.

James Clardy


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