Re: Some questions on Mark 9:1-5

Date: Sun Oct 08 1995 - 19:19:52 EDT

Dear Carl,
        Thanks for the nudge! I really will get around to the grammars
before too long, though I need to get out a revision of the lexicon
piece (I've now examined Muraoka's LXX lexicon in detail, for example,
and have a minor addition or correction here and there).
        I wrote to Ken a while back (maybe it was in response to the
post you responded to, but I'm getting fuzzy about times), and told
him that what he wanted isn't out there. I gave him my complaionts (fairly
widespread ones, too, if you aren't a Southern Baptist!) about most of
the supposed grammars of the Koine, said that if he could wait some years,
the team headed by Daryl Schmidt might produce what he wants, but that
meanwhile he'd better buy Smyth-Messing, keep Debrunner next to it, and
hope for the best. Trouble is, mixed in with lots of good stuff in
monuments like Robertson (Colwell used to say, "Monument to WHAT?") is
a frightful lot of crap, engendered by ardent hopes of proving some
doctrine or other to be true.
        The Rehkopf revision of Debrunner is better than what we have in
English from Funk (which is also polluted with Funk's own ideas!), but it
is fairly useless unless you already know classical Attic.
        Best to you, always!


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