Re Greek NT on the WEB

From: Francesco Giannangeli (
Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 05:45:11 EDT

#Subject: Greek New Testament on the Web?

You will find this on:

This is for the Macintosh. It does exist also for the PC; a quick Archie
research should give you the right site.

ONLINE.BIBLE rivals with commercial products. It offers many texts (four
greek texts of the NT; the BHS for the OT; various english versions: KJV,
ASV, Darby, RSV, Weymouth, Young Literal vers., Apocrypha), Lexicons, Bible
dictionaries, Thompson ref., Nave's Topical Bible, Treasury of Scripture
Knowledge) and many other versions in French (my own language...), Spanish,
Italian, German.
What more could one ask for free.
All this will take a good part of your hard disk, and probably all your RAM.
The program itself offers full capabilities of concordance research, and
multi-windows/multi-versions screening.

38 rue Lionnois
54000 - Nancy, France
tel: 83 36 41 45
fax: 83 37 62 44

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