Romans 3:29-31

Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 08:00:17 EDT

1) Suggested translation:

     29) "Is God the God of the Jews only?"

     30) "Indeed there is one God who will justify circumcision by faith and
     uncircumcision through faith."

     31) "Do we not render the law ineffective through faith? By no means.
 On the contrary, we establish the law."

2) v. 30, 31 -- Is there any technical difference in the use of the
prepositions EK and DIA? What's the diffrence between "from" or "out of" and

3) v. 30, 31 -- Does PISTEWS translate into "human faith" or "God's
reliability?" Strictly from the word usage and meaning is there any way to
tell the difference? Does "faith" here indicate "God's trustworthiness" to

4) v. 31 -- Is there any way from the Greek construction to determine
whether Paul means by NOMON "the law of Moses" or "moral law?" These are two
distinct possibilities. Which is more likely? Is it the ten commandments
which are rendered ineffective or is it the "moral law" which is nullified?
 Does moral law transcend the law of Moses and thus carry a higher qulality?
 Or neither?

5) Is there a better English word with which to translate DIAKAISEI instead
of "make righteous" or "justify?" These technical terms are jargon to so
many people. What words would be better for communication to the layperson?


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