Re: "NOMOS" in Paul

Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 20:14:36 EDT

Prof. Hobbs wrote:
>The discussion on Paul's use of "nomos", with or without the >article, might
>be clearer if one remembers what even such ancient figures >as C. H. Dodd
>tried to teach us: That early Christian use of the Greek >language is often
>influenced by such things as LXX usage, Greek-speaking >Jewish usage (Philo
>was not the only educated Jew who wrote in Greek!), and of >course ordinary
>Hellenistioc Greek as used by non-Jews.<

Also E.D. Burton in the old ICC on Galatians has a good excursus on Law as
used by Paul in which he tries to survey the wide usage that could have
influenced Paul. I don't think that he saw much difference between NOMOS
with or without the article.
Carlton Winbery
LA College, Pineville, LA

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