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From: Larry Chouinard (
Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 12:32:52 EDT

I wonder if you could document an example of so-called "liberal
scholarship's" dismissal of Dana and Mantey because they "stick with
Scripture"? Personally, I have found some of your exegetical endeavors
nothing more than a defense of your tradition with little interaction
with competent Greek scholars who take an alternative position.

Please show an example of how the use of extra-biblical Greek has
distorted or twisted Scripture. Unless you are willing to demonstrate
your accusations or document your evidence stop impugning the motives of

BTW maybe you could change BibAnsMan to BibSeachingMan!

Larry Chouinard
Kentucky Christian College

 Sun, 8 Oct 1995 wrote:

> I currently teach Greek and I prefer Machen for first year and Dana and
> Mantey with supplementary materials for the intermediate grammar. Some
> liberal scholarship will not accept Dana and Mantey because they stick with
> Scripture instead of allowing extra-biblical Greek to twist the meaning of
> Scripture. Other Greek examples have their place, but after the Greek of the
> New Testament has had its say. The Greek of Scripture is Koine Greek, but is
> also put in the language of the Christians of that day and they often times
> use words differently than the average Greek as we Christians today use words
> differently than the secular world.
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