Context Rule?

Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 18:16:14 EDT

Jim (BibAnsMan) - what did Dr. Marshall say in response to your
question? I find it curious that you would be the only one to
ask a question involving what is central for all who are
Christian. I mean that as a criticism of the crowd with you,
not I. Howard Marshall!
When I was in seminary, I was taught CIE - Context Is Everything.
BUT that context extended further than the verse or passage in
question to include other usages of the word or phrase in other
parts of the Bible and outside the Bible. If I said that I had
doggedly come to the conclusion that, in the dog days of August,
it's a dog-eat-dog world, how would you figure out what I meant
by dog if the only previous definition you knew was four-legged
As far as authorities, Robertson and Trench had their day, but
they are seriously outdated (especially Trench). To beat the
drum for them is no better than a KJV-only fanatic hollering
and contending against all the modern versions, IMO.
Kevin Barron Dyersburg, TN

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