Greek-Hebrew Bible Software

Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 23:50:19 EDT

The recent stir about Logos' technical support has rekindled the question in
my mind concerning what Bible software would be the best for me to buy. After
looking at what is out there (for Windows, of course!) I have narrowed my
selection down to the latest CD versions of (1) Logos and (2) Bible Works for
Windows (Hermeneutika). I have been leaning towards the latter, largely
because it seems to offer the original language capabilities as well as other
useful features at a more economical price. Logos, on the other hand, appears
to be a very good product, but it has a lot of useless add-ons that don't do
anything for me except inflate the price I will have to pay.

I have two other concerns:
(1) My understanding is that with Bible Works one can paste multi-lingual
text quite seamlessly into Microsoft Word, but for some reason WordPerfect
(at least 6.0a) will not properly do this. Of course, this is probably
WordPerfect's problem. Is there a similar problem with Logos?
(2) Are there any problems running either Logos or Bible Works under Windows
95? Even if not, would I still be wiser to hold out until Bible software
designed to fully take advantage of Win95 is released?

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to give me.

Kevin L. Anderson
Ph.D. student, GTU

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