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From: Charles Misner (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 16:18:33 EDT

I have not seen a list of used book sources posted on b-greek (perhaps
because I'm pretty new to the list), but just in case there is no such list,
I would like to start one. I'd be happy to receive other sources to add to
the list if anyone knows of other used book stores that deal in Greek,
Biblical resources, etc., pertinent to the b-greek list. If you email the
information to me, I will include it on this first, and somewhat paltry
beginning list. (paltry in size only - these are my best sources!)
It would be good to check with such sources to see if they are willing to
search their stock in response to phone, fax, or mail requests. Not all are
equipped to do so. Perhaps we can build a list of sources that will be of
help to the b-greek folks.

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