Re: A.T.Robertson & Extra-NT Greek

Date: Tue Oct 10 1995 - 14:47:28 EDT

In a message dated 95-10-10 11:27:00 EDT, Edward Hobbs writes:

>The claim that Robertson, in contrast to "liberal" scholars, did not use
>Greek outside the New Testament to interpret that Greek is so preposterous
>as not to deserve answering.

This whole discussion (as well as others) have spawned off of a total
misunderstanding of what I was saying. I NEVER said that A.T. Robertson did
not use extra-biblical evidence. I merely said that it was not the FIRST
line of defense. Rather, he went to the context of Scripture first, then
other texts second in order to understand the translation of any given word.
  That's all.

I know Edward is responding to a note that another person responded with,
misunderstanding my response. So it is not his fault.
Let us all understand what others are saying before we respond against
someone. That is a mark of true scholarship. Now please, I hope no one
misuderstands this and responds to it wrongly also!

May God's grace and mercy reign,

Jim McGuire

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